5 Simple Ways of Urban Gardening

Limited space has been a challenge for garden enthusiasts, especially to those living in the urban area. However, a revolutionized way of gardening called urban gardening finally presented as solution today. But, many still are doubtful on its effectiveness.

Just like aquaponics, I will show you what the simple ways of urban gardening that even a child can try!

  1. Plant plants in trash bags or other plastic bags.

This is the most common ways of planting that everyone can try. Save those trash bags and plastic bags and put some soil on it then plant! Just be sure they have holes so water can go down and will not drown the plants.


  1. Tin cans or water bottle

Photo courtesy of The Urban Hippie

After opening and consuming the can, or water bottle, you can cut the above portion and put soil and plant. You can paint these, especially the water bottle and aligned them into the side of your house or just outside the threshold of your door.


  1. Attached screen on the wall for plant box holder

If you have a spare wall, you can use it as vertical garden by attaching chicken wire, net or screen so the plant box or water bottle where you put your plants on can hang. Arrange them according to your preferences.


  1. Vines to your window

You can also utilize your windows especially when your house is an apartment type where large single windows are usually attached. If you have vines like grapes or any flowering vines, position them to the corner of your window and let it crawl up. If you have gutter underneath the windows, you are very lucky. Just be sure it will not be an obstruction.


  1. Spare tires


Spare tires can also be utilized as plant box. Instead of creating something plant boxes out of bricks, used spare tires can hold up soil and plants at the same rate. It can save you dollars from hiring gardener to create you that plant boxes. Just paint them the way you want for decoration.