Setting a cheap Aquaponics at home

The new trend of gardening called aquaponics, raising up plants using water, has been taking over households all over the world. However, seeing the set up from the internet, it seems very discouraging.

Still there simple things you can try even indoors without violating the principle of aquaponics.

  1. Planting lettuce inside a cup with cotton


So where is the water, you may ask. Of course you will put one, enough to wet the cotton inside. Lettuces are very easy to adapt especially if they have water underneath them.


  1. Use sponge for hanging orchids


Orchids are versatile but to be effective, a good source of water is necessary. Using sponge can zap rain water and store it for a long time, making the orchids tap to it even when you forgot to water it.


  1. Old aquarium


Old aquariums are useful. Believe it or not, you can use it even with fish in it! That’s how aquaphonics work actually. You raise fish in the water and grow plants up the aquarium. Fish fertilize the water while plants oxidize it. That is mutualism at its best.


  1. Using PVC pipes


PVC pipes can be modeled as plant holder. Just make sure that running water is available and be utilized properly. Use small hose or you can just put a hole at the side of the pipe where you can pull out the roots and place them to your source of water

5. Using Styrofoam

Styro plastic or foam just like the PVC pipe can be used as holders and floaters of the plants. Its light materials are very abundant even in the grocery store. Sometimes your box of apples have these materials.