Basic landscaping ideas you should try

Setting up your garden at home is sometimes tedious and meticulous task to do. Sometimes, homeowners neglect doing it according to their plan and let the landscaper do their thing.

Here are my simple tips whenever you plan to set up your home garden.

  1. Theme up


Ask yourself: what type of garden do I want to set up? Organic? Aquaphonic? Flowery? A theme in a garden should not be limiting your creativity of setting it up, but it would ‘uniformed’ your garden so it won’t be an eyesore.


Make sure those vegetables that are in the same family or genes come along or side by side in a plot, while flowering plant with colors associated or close enough (please refer to color wheel) join together.


  1. ‘Hanging’ in the Garden


If you want to put up hanging flowers around your garden, you can design the containers for uniformity.


  1. ‘Bonsai’ it up

The Japanese art of planting called bonsai has been very popular nowadays. However, it is not very idea to just scatter them all over the place, or it will turn them unnoticed. Put some tables or any platforms (pallets and used tires are also good) and put them together. Seeing them at the entrance of your home or garden is also advisable.

  1. Single fountain


If you plan to put a fountain at the center, be sure to be creative and not rely on that ‘angel’ stuff (unless you want to turn your garden into religious one). There are other options nowadays to choose from. Get that modernized feeling by using fountain sets that add amusement to your garden.


  1. Grass over synthetic or bare soil


Having grasses around your lawn is thumbs up rather that leaving your garden in bare soil. This adds relaxing feeling and good for the eyes. Never choose synthetic grasses just to cover spaces around your garden. When you examine it closely, synthetic grasses glare under the sun since they are plastic.